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Peconic LLC provides novel laboratory and data analysis methods to the Epigenetic research community.   November 2012:

Epigenetics, the science of gene regulation, is rapidly growing and has been called the new frontier of biotech research and commercialization. Understanding why and how genes are regulated has significant value in medical research, drug development, bioproduct development, and many other fields. Peconic is helping researchers better understand the fundamental issues of gene regulation.

  Peconic LLC is offering new customers introductory pricing on our CHIP-exo Service.  For a limited time, new customers can have their first lot of samples (up to 8) processed for only $1,400/sample. 

We have two primary criteria for the core services offered by Peconic:

  This price includes the ChIP-exo assay and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis. 
  •  Assays we conduct provide data with significantly higher resolution than previously available. This helps our customers drive towards new knowledge and solutions.

  •  Results are presented in a ready-to-use format that is “publication ready”. This helps our customers quickly interpret results and disseminate new knowledge.

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